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Jesse Natishak, LMSW


Boundary Building 
Compassion Fatigue and Burnout 
Drug and Alcohol Recovery 


Jesse Natishak, LMSW

As a couples therapist who has received training from experts Drs. John and Julie Gottman, Jesse helps couples understand conflict: first what conflict is as a natural occurrence between two or more personalities, second to understand that although the conflict between them may seem perpetual, it does not have to be a guarantee for separation. Jesse's role in treating a couple is to equip the couple with concepts and tools that not only help them turn conflict into insight, but to also view conflict as a unique means to come closer to one another's feelings and experiences with vulnerability and friendship. 


Here are a few myths that are important to debunk...

Myth 1: “Couples therapy is for couples who fight all the time.”

Truth: While couples therapy may be helpful for couples who experience high rates of conflict or despair, couples therapy, especially with the Gottman method, is helpful for couples who wish to create deeper, stronger, and more meaningful interactions and improved understanding of each person's worldview.


Myth 2: “Divorce or separation must be on the horizon for people to seek couples therapy.”

Truth: Couples therapy does not always indicate a relationship is on the brink of sinking. Couples therapy acknowledges conflict will arise and equips partners to know how to handle conflict when it does arise rather than remain in perpetual problems. Couples therapy is a prevention tool that protects a relationship from having a chance of sinking. Lastly, couples therapy is excellent for pre-marital discussions, pre-cohabitation discussions, pre-children discussions, or any other transition the relationship may face. 


Myth 3: “The therapist will take sides and I will be blamed.”

Truth: As a trained couples therapist, Jesse's role is to help the couple treat the wounds and needs of the relationship. Each person brings a unique set of life experiences and beliefs to the relationship that impact the relationship. Jesse will explore and examine the symptoms that the relationship is experiencing, look at deeper causes to gain understanding of the symptoms, and pave a new road to friendship and fondness of one another. In couples therapy, Jesse says "it is the three of us against the problems: we are the team."


What a couple can expect in sessions with Jesse is a non-judgmental and gently transparent environment, with the promotion of safe and honest conversations.

Jesse received a Master of Social Work degree from Binghamton University in May, 2020. Before starting at Journey through Psychology in July 2022, she practiced as a licensed clinician at the Addiction Center of Broome County and the Lourdes ACEs program. Jesse works as a therapist under the supervision of Dr. Elisa M. Harris. 

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